6 Hours, 7 Lessons: How Christ’s Light Transcends Our Darkness

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by Rev. Dr. Nicholas G. Louh and Dr. Roxanne K. Louh

During His darkest moments, Jesus uttered seven statements on the Cross that offer us tremendous wisdom in our own dark seasons—when we feel alone, forgotten, and unable to surrender, forgive, or let go of our mistakes. In 6 Hours, 7 Lessons, Orthodox Christian priest Father Nicholas Louh and licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Roxanne Louh show us that there is no darkness so dark that our Lord hasn’t already experienced it. Christ’s final words direct us toward the light of His love and protection while giving us the guidance we need to find hope and healing.

Rev. Dr. Nicholas Louh is a priest, and Dr. Roxanne Louh is a clinical psychologist. In their book and in their ministry, the Louhs are a marriage of two different worlds and fields of study. Their work unites the seemingly opposing fields of faith and psychology to support the kind of inward reflection that leads to lasting outward transformation. For the last 10 years, Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne have worked together to help people seek the changes they want most for their lives.

 Praise for 6 Hours, 7 Lessons

"Building off their book, Renewing You: A Priest, A Psychologist, and a Plan, Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne delve into the final hours of Christ’s life, sharing with us seven life-giving principles that He shared from the Cross. These same principles provide a lifeline for us as we encounter the dark seasons of our own lives, providing the inspiration and practical steps we need to make it to the other side. Firmly rooted in solid theology and practical psychology, this is a must-read for every Christian." -Deacon Michael Hyatt, New York Times bestselling author and creator of The Full Focus Planner

"In a world that keeps getting louder with meaningless chatter, we need voices that stir the soul—voices that inspire us, move us, and point us to God. Father Nick and Dr. Roxanne unpack Jesus’ seven statements from the Cross to deepen our love and invigorate our faith as we take them to heart. I wish I’d read this book years ago. It presents the key to unlock a life with more joy, peace, and spiritual maturity." -Kari Kampakis, bestselling author of Love Her Well and host of the Girl Mom Podcast

"Make no mistake, we will all face difficulty in this life. In 6 Hours, 7 Lessons, the Louhs shed light on how Christ transcends our darkest moments in this enormously helpful and practical resource, which is rooted and grounded in the words of Christ before He surrenders His life to the Father. So read on and be equipped, edified, and encouraged." -Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute, host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast and the Hank Unplugged podcast, and author of numerous books, including The Complete Bible Answer Book—Collector’s Edition, Revised & Expanded (2024)

Authors: Rev. Dr. Nicholas G. Louh and Dr. Roxanne K. Louh

Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing

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