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Albert S. Rossi, PhD
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by Albert S. Rossi, PhD

This deceptively small and simple book holds a great secret—the secret to achieving peace of mind in Christ. Beloved writer and teacher Dr. Al Rossi uses stories from his own life to illustrate the basic principles of watchfulness and prayer. The final chapter is a moving tribute to Dr. Rossi's close friend of many years, Fr. Tom Hopko, whose Fifty-Five Maxims are also helpful in learning to say at all times, "All is well."

About the Author: Dr. Albert S. Rossi is a licensed clinical psychologist and Christian educator who has spoken and written widely on these topics. Dr. Rossi was a member of the SCOBA Commission on Contemporary Social and Moral Issues for six years. He is currently Director of Field Education and serves as the resident clinical psychologist at St. Vladimir’s Seminary. He is the author of Becoming a Healing Presence (Ancient Faith Publishing, 2014) and hosts the podcast of the same name on Ancient Faith Radio.

Praise for All Is Well:

Dr. Rossi, with his characteristic warmth, gentleness and openness, invites readers to draw near. Those who know and love Dr. Rossi and are familiar with his work will recognize the closeness and intimacy that is communicated in this latest book. To read this work is to sit next to Dr. Rossi as he shares himself and the lessons of a spiritual pilgrim. It is best read with a warm cup of coffee, or tea, in hand.

-Dr Philip Mamalakis, Author of Parenting Toward the Kingdom

In this book, we learn by example from a man who, though fighting intense battles of his own, is also a wellspring of deep calm, a man who can say, from the center of the maelstrom—in all sincerity and with complete conviction —“all is well.“ This light-but-profound book will reach deep into our lives with a transformative, healing force.

-Dr. Peter Bouteneff, Author of How to Be a Sinner

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