Ask for the Ancient Paths: Discovering What Church Is Meant to Be

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Fr. James Guirguis
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By Fr. James Guirguis

At a time when so many disaffected Christians are trying to recreate the Church from scratch, Fr. James offers a clear and accessible apology for simply returning to what Christs Church was always meant to be.

About the Author: The Rev. Fr. James Guirguis is pastor of St. George Orthodox Church in New Hartford, New York. He has given lectures on topics such as early Christian history as well as sickness, suffering, and healing in the Christian tradition. He regularly adds material to the Out of Egypt weblog. He earned a master's degree from St. Vladimir Orthodox Theological Seminary in 2006. He lives in Utica with his wife Jennifer and their three daughters. 

Also available in paperback. $13.95

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