Face to Face: Knowing God beyond Our Shame

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by Stephen Freeman

From advertising to social media, from trauma survival to keeping up with the Joneses, shame is deeply embedded in our culture and our psyches, directing much of our behavior from far behind the scenes. But is all shame bad? Popular author and speaker Fr. Stephen Freeman explores the roots and meaning of both toxic and healthy shame, revealing the crucial importance of this understanding for our relationship with God.

About the Author: Fr. Stephen Freeman is an archpriest in the Orthodox Church in America and is Pastor Emeritus of St. Anne Orthodox Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He was educated at Furman University, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, and Duke University. He is the author of the popular blog Glory to God for All Things and of the weekly podcast Glory to God on Ancient Faith Radio, as well as the book Everywhere Present: Christianity in a One-Storey Universe (Ancient Faith Publishing, 2010). Fr. Stephen is a popular speaker at conferences, colleges, and parishes across the country. His work has been widely translated and published in Europe and Russia.


Author: Fr. Stephen Freeman

Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review