Lost Histories: The Good, the Bad, and the Strange in Early American Orthodoxy

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by Matthew Namee

You've probably heard of St. Raphael Hawaweeny, St. Alexander Hotovitsky, liturgical translator Isabel Hapgood, and other righteous men and women who made their mark on the early development of Orthodoxy in America. But what about the notorious itinerant Bulgarian Monk? Or Fr. Raphael Morgan, the first black Orthodox priest in America? Or Vera Johnston, who served the Orthodox Church without renouncing her Theosophist roots? Their stories and many others—some edifying, some appalling, all entertaining—make up the lost histories of the early decades of Orthodox Christianity in the continental United States.

About the Author: Matthew Namee has run OrthodoxHistory.org since 2009. He’s given numerous talks on church history over the years at most of the major Orthodox institutions and venues in the United States. In his day job, Matthew is an attorney working exclusively on Orthodox Church matters for a nonprofit ministry. He also serves as director of the Orthodox Studies Institute at Saint Constantine College. He lives in Washington State with his wife Catherine and their seven children.


Author: Matthew Namee

Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review