When You Give: Ancient Answers and Contemporary Questions

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by L. Joseph Letendre

In this companion volume to When You Pray and When You Fast, L. Joseph Letendre juxtaposes scriptural and patristic admonitions about almsgiving with a look at contemporary issues that make it sometimes difficult to see our way forward in this regard. Along with the rationale for almsgiving, he offers practical suggestions for how almsgiving can work in our lives as modern Christians.

About the Author: L. Joseph Letendre is the author of the popular guide Preparing for Confession and the companions to this volume, When You Pray (Ancient Faith Publishing, 2017) and When You Fast (AFP, 2021). His writing has also appeared in Touchstone, The Reformation and Revival Journal, and St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly. He recorded the audiobook of St. Nicholai Velimirovic’s Prayers by the Lake for AFP. He holds degrees in psychology, philosophy, and education, as well as an MDiv from St. Vladimir’s Seminary. He is a parishioner at All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church in Chicago, Illinois.


Author: L. Joseph Letendre

Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing

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