Aidan's Song: A Year in the Life of a Parish Priest

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Fr. Aidan Wilcoxson
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By Fr. Aidan Wilcoxson

"Aidan of Lindisfarne was a hard-working bishop who loved his people. I have a great love for him, and that is why I’m going to call this journal Aidan’s Song. Because, bumbler that I am, I’ve got a great Celtic Spirit-bearer singing on my behalf before the throne of God. And what I hope to do with this journal is, every once in a while, catch a few lines of that music and hum along in praise of the One who has made me a priest and who is my rejoicing.”

Thus Fr. Aidan Wilcoxson describes his purpose in this chronicle of a mostly ordinary year in the life of a superficially ordinary parish priest. But under that bumbling exterior beats a heart full of a contagious joy that spills over into these pages. For those who are curious how a priest spends his time, this book will be enlightening. For those who tend to get discouraged by the daily grind, it will be uplifting. And for all who love to sing to the Lord—literally or figuratively—Aidan’s Song will definitely have you humming along in praise.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review